Free Summer Travel Packing Checklist for Kiddos!

Free Summer Travel Packing Checklist for Kiddos!

Happy Monday folks! I am currently posting this from paradise. Okay well, not paradise exactly, but pretty close to it. ⠀

 We're on our family yearly vacation at the beach and it's just simply perfect. There's sunshine, margaritas, beach, and lots and lots of relaxation going on. ⠀

But you don't want to know what was going on before we got here...🤦‍♀️ Screaming, crying, two tantrums, at least three-time outs, and whatever the boys were doing while I was in time out...⠀

I have to say, getting boys to pack to go anywhere is one of the hardest things ever. Why do they always insist they don't need underwear? And what happened to packing a bathing suit? Your mother does not want to see you swimming naked dear, that was only funny when you were five...⠀

So I'm going to save you a ton of stress right now. I have put together a packing checklist that you mamas out there can use to help your kids get ready for whatever travel you're doing this summer. Whether you're going to the beach, a road trip, or just to grandma's house, this list will help you remember the essentials. ⠀

There's plenty of room for you to write in your family specific items, and make all the changes you need. If you'd like to grab this free checklist, just click here to sign up and get it. ⠀

You can thank me later with chocolate and wine. I also accept payment in forms of babysitting and date nights...⠀

What are your travel plans this summer? Are you going anywhere fun? Let's talk about it in the comments! ⠀

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