9 Bucket List Items for Mom's (Or Momprenuers!)

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9 Bucket List Items for Mom's (Or Momprenuers!)

I'm a work at home mama. While I love what I do, and I adore the freedom it provides me, sometimes it's a struggle to find some time to myself. I know all mama's out there can relate to that statement, regardless of whether you're working from home or not. 

As much as I love my kiddo, there are days that the seventeenth request in an hour to fix his Lego's just gets to be too much. I start dreaming of what it would be like to finish a cup of coffee in silence, or what it might look like if I could finish reading a book. 

Sometimes coming up with ideas for ourselves seems a bit far fetched. As moms, we don't have time to find our own shoes, let alone come up with a bucket list. So I've compiled a list of things that I hope I get to do someday, and I thought I'd share it with all of you. Some of these things are specific to me, but most moms out there can relate to these, or have something similar on theirs! 

1. Finish a cup of cofffee while it's still hot

It's a sacred ritual. Coffee makes me human. If I don't have it, people could lose an arm. Very rarely however do I ever get to finish said coffee while it's still warm enough to drink. This seems like a pipe dream now, but I know one day it will happen!

2. Have time to read a book a week

This is another of those ideas that just seems too indulgent to think about. I love getting lost in other people's stories, and forgetting about the dishes in the sink and the laundry waiting to be folded. If I could have time weekly to sit and read a book and actually finish it without eight interuptions for applesauce or a PBJ, that would be luxurious! 

3. Practice yoga uninterupted

Yoga is such a great way to relax and stretch out your body. However this becomes more of a competitive sport when you have the dog coming to sniff you and figure out why you look the way you do, or having the kiddo try to do it with you. This usually ends up with us in a heap on the floor giggling. (Which is great, just not very condusive to actually practicing yoga!) One of these days, I'll get to do a yoga routine start to finish without these interuptions. 

4. Host a girls night

Having some girlfriends over to watch movies, drink some wine and gossip is something that would be so much fun. One of these days I promise this will happen! 

5. Movie day where I watch nothing but cheesy Rom-Coms

Yes, I love them. Don't judge me. I like to live in the fantasy world that this is what a real relationship looks like. As opposed to the husband coming in and throwing his dirty clothes on the floor NEXT to the hamper. A whole day to watch nothing but back-to-back romantic comedies would be heaven! 

6. Unapologeticaly take a three hour nap without feeling guilty

Speaking of heaven....

7. Call a friend and catch up without worrying about time

Keeping close friendships takes work. It's not work that I mind, but it does take some planning to make sure there's time to stay on the phone gabbing for a bit. One of these days I'll be able to have an hour long conversation about something other than superheroes and legos. 

8. Pay someone else's bills

Okay this is specific to a momprenuer. I would love to be in a position to be able to pay it forward. We've had so many times during our lives that peope have come to our rescue and helped us out. I want to get my business to a place where I can return the favor and pay it forward. Surprising someone with paying their bills, or even paying for their coffee in the drive through line would be amazing! 

9. Time for a morning routine

This one will happen someday. But between the other half trying to get ready to head out the door, and making sure the small human has everything he needs for the day, a morning routine for myself just isn't in the cards. I know that I will make this happen soon! 

I hope this list of ideas helps kick start your own bucket lists. I know that self care is something that we all tend to overlook, but it's so important. What would you add to this list? Is there something on here that you would leave off? Let's talk about it below! 

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