5 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

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5 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s become that time of year again. When everyone is graduating. Whether it’s from college or kindergarten, there’s always a graduation ceremony going on somewhere this time of year. My little man just had his pre-school graduation and I can hardly believe that he’ll be heading into Kindergarten next year! My family came down for his graduation, and the one thing they kept asking me was “what should we get for him?”

Now I know that everyone has a different aged graduate and that my answers of “Legos and Dinosaurs” won’t necessarily be the answer to all of those questions. However, I have rounded up 5 unique graduation gift ideas that you can use to get you started in your hunt for the perfect present.

5 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

5 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

1. DIY Money Wreath

The first thing out of the gate that you think of when you're giving gifts is money. But how boring is that to just send someone a check? (Or Venmo, or PayPal...)

This so cute little DIY Money Wreath is a unique spin on the graduation gift quandary. 

DIY Money Wreath

2. Crafty Travel Kit

Using just a washcloth, a ribbon, and a few travel containers you're going to feel like the crafty McGuyver as you're getting ready to gift this one! These little travel kits will be a must-have for college dorms, or for someone packing lite on an international trip. 

DIY Travel Kit

3. Kitchen Command Center

This simple little gadget is going to become your graduate's best friend. They're about to be thrust into the real world with endless to-do's and lists to keep track of. This nifty, unique graduation gift idea is going to become their best friend. This comes in three sizes and can be customized in a variety of colors. Added bonus, it can be trimmed to fit whatever space you're going for! Score! 

Kitchen Command Center

4. First Aid Essentials Basket

While it's not the most glamorous gift to give to a graduate, this can become an essential part of daily life. Regardless of whether your grad is heading to Maine or Milan, accidents are bound to happen. This little basket will become invaluable to them in their new surroundings. 

First Aid Basket

5. Laundry Day Piggy Bank

If you want to talk essential, let's talk laundry. We all know how valuable quarters can become when you're running out of clean underwear! (Raise your hand if you've ever gone commando because you're out of clean underthings!) This unique graduation gift idea is perfect for your grad to start collecting those most important things. Quarters! 

Laundry Day Piggy Bank

I hope this list has given you some good ideas of unique graduation gifts! Happy summer and wish your graduate congrats from me! 

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