5 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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5 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter right around the corner, I know there are some mama's out there that dread this particular holiday. It seems to all revolve around candy! If you're like me, your kid gets a little crazy when they've had too much sugar! 

So I've come up with five ideas that you can use for an Easter basket that don't have any sugar or candy in them. (But they are pretty sweet!) Check them out in the list below. 

1.PJ's. Christmas isn't the only time you can get new pajama's! Some new Easter themed or Spring characters pj's can be super exciting, and really fun. Especially if they've been wearing their Christmas PJ's for months now and need something a little newer. These spring pj's from KitterzKreationz are adorable, and you can add your small human's name to them! (Click the picture to head over there!)

Springtime Pj's

2. Books. Okay I know that's a little tame and safe, but hear me out! If you are trying to get your kids off screens and more into the real world, this is a great way to do that. They will use their imaginations more reading a book than with anything they can do on a screen. Added bonus, you get some quiet time while the kids are reading. It's a win/win! This blog post is full of great book ideas for your little person this holiday. (Check it out by clicking on the picture!) 

Spring Time Books for Kids

3. Personalized Tumbler. So, this might be a little self serving, but I still think this is a good idea. Kids love having something that is completely theirs and for a special purpose. It makes whatever activity they're trying to accomplish that much more fun to do, and makes it easier for negotiations! A tumbler just for your kiddo also will cut down on the 100's of cups all over your house from all those "I just need a little drink of water" runs to the sink. And honestly, how cool is this little Glow in the Dark Spiderman tumbler? (Click on the picture to see more options!)

Glow in the Dark Spiderman Tumbler

4. Stickers. Kids love stickers! Heck, most adults love stickers! Giving kids stickers and a place to use them makes for happy small humans. Do you use a reward system at your house? How about some fun Easter themed stickers to use on a potty training chart? Don't want the mess of markers or crayons today? How about a sticker book? Check out these fun Easter themed ones from Imperial Sugar by clicking below. Easter themed stickers

5. Outdoor Games. It's a win/win. You're preparing Easter dinner, or visiting with family. The kids are running around crazy putting stickers on everything. (Ahem, sorry about that!) Getting them out of the house to burn off some of that energy is just the ticket. Check out this list of awesome outdoor games from The Soccer Mom Blog by clicking on the image below. 

Outdoor games for kids

I hope you've found this list helpful. And I also hope that this Easter you enjoy some great times with your friends and family. 

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