11 Ways to Keep Your Kid Entertained Indoors

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11 Ways to Keep Your Kid Entertained Indoors

We've all been there. Trying to keep the kid entertained while the weather outside prevents the little people from escaping. Meanwhile they need us to fix their legos five times in twenty minutes, are standing on their heads and screaming for us to watch, or pouring chocolate milk on the dog because he needs a "bath". (True story!) 

When coffee in your tumbler is not enough and you're reaching for the duct tape to secure the littles to the wall, it's time to call in the big guns. I've compiled a list of eleven things you can do indoors to keep the kiddos busy, and restore your sanity all at the same time.  

1. Balloon Paddle Ball


What is it about balloons that make all kids lose their minds? As soon as they spot the balloon, it's like moths to a flame. They simply can't resist playing with it!  That's why this game is so perfect! Grab some popsicle sticks and glue them to the backsides of paper plates. These are now your "paddles". Then blow up a handful of balloons and let the kids go to town. Bonus points? If the balloons hit stuff, they're so light that they won't damage anything. Sounds like a winning combo to me! 

2. Make Your Own Popcorn Station

Some may consider it a last resort, but a movie in the middle of the day can sometimes mean the difference between hollering at your kids to "stop hitting your sister" at the top of your lungs, and having a moments peace to drink your coffee before it goes cold. But don't just plop them in front of the movie and walk away. Make it extra special by adding some flavor to your movie night. This popcorn station is a great idea to make your movie day or night really pop. (Pun intended!) (Grab your printable by clicking on the picture!) 

3. Paper Plate Ring Toss 


This is a game that serves two purposes. Keep them busy creating the game by grabbing some paper plates and having them color them whatever they like. Then cut out the centers and glut a paper towel roll to the top of one. Viola! You have an indoor ring toss! Now they can have fun in the living room while you try to finish your own projects. 

4. Marble Racing


This one will keep the kids entertained for hours! Just slice your leftover pool noodle down the middle, and viola! You have created "tracks" for them to race their marbles down. Maybe the winner gets to stay up 15 minutes later tonight, or gets to skip eating their vegetables at dinner? 

5. DIY Angry Birds Game


Okay I'll admit, this looks fun, and I want to play this myself! (Click the picture to find out all the details of how to create this awesome game!) 

7. Indoor Ball Toss


This one looks like a blast! Just line up some spare containers, put masking tape numbers on the inside, and let the kids go to town! Click on the image to head over to her blog to check out how she did this! 

8. Super Hero Secret Code


If you want a slightly less active but still fun game, try making up one of these secret code generators and get the kids thinking! Click on the picture above to read all about how they play, and how this mama sets things up. 

9. Popsicle Stick Tick Tac Toe


Here's an ingenious new twist on an old classic. Use popsicle sticks for the game board and any small item as the playing peices. Maybe jelly beans or Skittles? Click the image to see all the details on how they set this up. 

10. Plastic Cup Boredom Buster Game


Okay I admit, I might want to play this game myself! We have so many of these little lego men hanging out, they could form their own club! It seriously doesn't get any easier than this, and it requires no special tools or setup. Just give them the cups, the paper and the lego super heroes and let them go to town! 

11. Indoor Jumping Game


Last but not least, set up this simple competition game in the basement or spare bedroom. Have them compete to see who can jump the farthest and use rewards around the house as the prize. Maybe they get to skip one chore, or an extra ten minutes of screen time to the victor? 

I hope you found this list helpful, and gave you some ideas to escape the monotony of indoor kiddo entertainment! Hang in there, only a month or so till Spring and you can chase them outdoors again! 

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