Pinterest Adventures- Boot Cuffs

Time for another Pinterest Adventures post! I know I’ve only done one. Things have been hectic with getting ready for Christmas and a teething 15 month old! 🙂 So I haven’t had much of a chance to do much craftiness! I had actually finished these about 2 weeks ago, just haven’t had a chance to write about them until now. 

Anyways…. I didn’t get into the riding boot craze last year very much. I was still in my maternity clothes last winter (hey no shame! It took 9 months to put it on- I still have 8-10 lbs to go 15 months after Little Guy was born. But that’s a whole other post!) and I just didn’t feel much like being fashionable. Heck most days I was lucky to get a shower and put on a clean shirt! (Thank goodness the Hubby likes to do house work!)

This year I vowed I would try to be a little bit more fashionable! Attention new moms- it is possible! When I dress nice, I feel nice! Don’t you agree? So I bought a few new shirts and yes not one but TWO pairs of ridding boots!

So I decided to try to make some boot cuffs so I could wear my cute new boots with some fleeced lined leggings (once I find some of those!) plus they look cute with jeans.

Of course I went right to Pinterest to find a crochet pattern. I found several, picked one and went to it. Unfortunately I didn’t like how it was looking, so I tried another one. Nope didn’t like that one either. So I came up with my own pattern- a cross between the different patterns I had found.

So here is my pattern. I have never tried typing out my own pattern before so let me know if you need any clarification anywhere! 🙂

Boot Cuff:

*I used worsted weight yarn and a size G crochet hook*

Row 1: Chain 8
Row 2: Single crochet in the back loop for 52 rows (or as many as you need to so it fits comfortably around the part of your leg where your boots stop. This is what will peek out above your boots)
*Once your cuff is long enough to fit around your upper calf, join the work with a slip stitch all the way along the two ends. Once done you should have a circle. Flip it inside out to hide your seam.
Round 1: Double Crochet in every stitch all the way around. Repeat this 4 more times.
Round 6: Single Crochet in every stitch all the way around. Repeat this 3 more times.

This is what the finished project looks like!

Crocheted Boot Cuff

My next pair I am going to try to add a scalloped edge to the top. To do this you need to do 5 Double Crochet in one loop, slip stitch the next loop, Double Crochet 5 in the next loop, etc, until you reach the end.

Not crafty? Be sure to visit my new Etsy store (Yarn Alamode) and pick up your own pair! 🙂

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