Halloween Fun

I have always loved making my Halloween costumes! When I was an infant, my mom and Grandma made a pumpkin for my first Halloween. Another several years later, they made me an awesome Rainbow Brite costume. As I got older I started making my own with my mom- an Indian Girl comes to mind at the moment! Needless to say Halloween- heck every Holiday- was a big deal in our house growing up. Hubby thinks I am crazy! 🙂  Continue reading Halloween Fun

Coverplug- Outlet Cover

Having a toddler means scrambling to “baby proof” every single inch of our house! It is difficult because our 17 month old seems out smart us at every corner. He is ALWAYS pulling the outlet covers out. Yes we have our hands full! 🙂

But I think I may have FINALLY found a solution. The  COVERPLUG Outlet Cover. These outlet covers are not your typical outlet covers. Instead of just covering the part of the outlet where you plug items in, these cover the ENTIRE outlet. Continue reading Coverplug- Outlet Cover

MatchaDNA Milk Frother Review

No Coffee No Workee- that is what the sign on my desk says! Where I used to work the folks in my office knew not to say anything other then “Good Morning” until I’d had at least 3 sips of coffee. A entire cup is an even better idea if you want to have a full conversation with me! 🙂 Yes I might have a small addiction problem! It was the worst when coffee made me sick during my first trimester when I was pregnant. Hahaha….

I often need an afternoon pick me up (thank you Lyme). I usually go straight for my Nescafe with Coffemate! It is coffee and creamer in one- but tastes much more like a cappuccino then coffee. And what is cappuccino without some nice foam on top! After all its one of the benefits of going to Starbucks and getting one. But I have found a way to get that foam without having the leave the house!

An inexpensive, easy to use Milk Frother! GREAT for hot chocolate, cappuccino,  lattes and more!  livingliferosie.com

Enter the Matcha DNA Milk Frother! It creates a delicate foam for homemade lattes, cappucinos, hot chocolates, and so much more! This Milk Frother uses 2 AA batteries and is so easy to operate and clean. Just insert the frother whisk in a glass of hot or cold milk (BEFORE you turn it on- we learned this the hard way!) filled to 1/4 – Hold the frother at a slight angle – Turn on and move up and down – Turn off and enjoy a rich and smooth foam. To clean, use in warm soapy water and rinse. It’s THAT easy!

I find it not leaving the dish rack because I use it pretty much every day! We had put off buying anything like this because we thought we would never use it. But I am so glad that we finally got one, because we use it so often! So be sure to head over to Amazon and pick up your own Milk Frother today!

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This post contains affiliate links. I received this product from Tomoson but regardless I only recommend products that I believe in.